Shenrong City Lookout long distance HD laser night vision instrument has been successfully applied in Bengbu City Skynet project

Date: August 12, 2015 Views:

Shenrong company independently developed and producedCity lookout long range HD laser night visionBe successfully applied toBengbu City Skynet project, theLaser night visionIt will provide effective guarantee for the social security of Bengbu City。The high-altitude lookout system can be used as a powerful supplement to the image resources collected by the ordinary social meeting camera in the urban social security monitoring system, and can build a three-dimensional prevention and control circle of social monitoring。

High altitude city high definition laser night vision,Use its adequate height,With high-definition camera, multi-lens zoom imaging laser lighting lens and high-performance PTZ functions,It is used to achieve a wide range of accurate image monitoring in higher locations in the city,It's a kind of big picture,And realize the specific target close-up video surveillance means。The productLong range low support during the day5000M, night long distance low support2000In the remote scene, the targets such as personnel, vehicles, and facilities can be found, and the targets are clear and the characteristics are obvious,It integrates HD, laser night vision, networking and many other features。Use day and night low light 3 megapixel color to black camera,Meet networking requirements,This product is based on long-term in-depth research on laser infrared night vision technology,The technology of simultaneous zoom of illumination and imaging, beam broadening and shaping of laser beam, laser beam intensity homogenization, red exposure elimination, image correction and uniformity compensation in imaging have made substantial breakthroughs。This product also adopts a number of unique key technologies in the material and processing, the shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, and is specially reinforced and sealed. It can be widely used in the occasions that need to be monitored at night, in harsh environment, long distance, large range and hidden real-time monitoring。

The main uses of high-altitude lookout include main road traffic monitoring in urban areas, key target monitoring, urban security monitoring, large-scale gathering event monitoring, community defense monitoring, main factory monitoring and so on。In many such occasions, the environment is quite complex, only the use of high-altitude lookout system to observe the panorama of the scene, understand the number of gathered people, vehicles and flow direction, directly view the center scene situation。

The high-altitude lookout equipment in the social security video surveillance system of Bengbu City has been awarded the title of "' Safe Construction 'recommended excellent security products" by the China Security Association。