• Transforming Urban Mobility: Smart mobility in smart citiesJuly 26, 2023
      In order to create sustainable and livable urban Spaces, cities around the world are embracing the concept of smart cities。At the heart of this transformation is the vision of a seamless and efficient transportation system that meets the needs of citizens while minimizing environmental impact。Intelligent transportation is an integral part of smart cities... 查看详情 >
  • How can AI enhance the capabilities of iot devices?July 20, 2023
      The integration of AI with the Internet of Things brings new dimensions of efficiency, automation and intelligence to our daily lives。At the same time, AI has revolutionized the way machines learn, reason, and make decisions。When combined, artificial intelligence in iot opens up a field of possibilities that will enable intelligent, autonomous systems to... 查看详情 >
  • The market size of the artificial intelligence industry continues to grow and gradually enters the stage of efficient productionJuly 13th, 2023
      The emergence of ChatGPT has set off another wave of artificial intelligence development boom, and the development momentum of China's artificial intelligence industry is strong。A few days ago, the "2023 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Overview" released by the First Leopard Research Institute pointed out that the artificial intelligence industry is now in the stage of core hardware development, and data, computing power, and algorithms are the three core... 查看详情 >
  • Building smart city industry to create a happy lifeJuly 07, 2023
      Smart city is a new concept and new model that uses the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, spatial and geographic information integration and other next-generation information technologies to promote the wisdom of urban planning, construction, management and services。With the continuous expansion of China's urban scale and the increase of urban population, the government has introduced multi-level policies to help... 查看详情 >
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