Do not forget the original heart and then keep in mind the mission of the new bureau

Date: July 20, 2023 Views:

A few days ago, Shenrong Electronics 2023 first half of the market seminar was held in Jinan, the meeting a comprehensive summary of the first half of the marketing work, the second half of the market focus on the arrangement and deployment。Chairman Zou Haitao attended the meeting, and all sales and marketing colleagues attended the meeting。

The meeting pointed out that the task of market work in the first half of the year was more arduous and heavy than before, and the results were better than expected。First of all, the promotion of the market strategy level has made a phased breakthrough。Focus on the segmented product areas that we are good at, adhere to the road of differentiation and highlighting the key points, do something and do not do something, and the competitive high-end products win the trust of customers, and further build a differentiated competitive advantage at the strategic level。Secondly, the planning and operation at the tactical level of the market have made breakthroughs。The batch production pace of a number of seed-type projects has accelerated, and most key projects have entered a more mature and stable new stage, laying a solid foundation for the company's next market expansion。Third, the special action to broaden the trade route, made a breakthrough。Business leads are increasing, and potential customers and high-quality projects are being tracked and promoted successively。

Conference emphasis,The second half of the year,We must maintain our leading position in the market,Strengthen the protection of the elements needed by the market,Strengthen the quality and ability of the marketing talent team,To strengthen the exploration and innovation in the field of professional technology for the market demand,Adhering to the concept of customer first,Keep an eye on annual goals,Unity, cooperation, tenacious struggle,Strive to complete the goals and tasks of the second half of the year as soon as possible。