Shenrong photoelectric turntable watches the border between China and Myanmar

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习近平总书记在接见第五次全国边海防工作会议参会代表时强调Border and coastal defense is a major issue in the governance of the country and bears on national security and development,发出Strive to build strong and stable modern border and coastal defense号召。Yunnan is located in the southwest border of China4061The kilometer border line is important for our country to open up to the southwestbridgeheadOne city connects three countries and one river connects five neighborsPu 'er City, the border is long486With borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, Yunnan is at the forefront of building a radiation center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the situation of border control is complicated and severe。

In order to effectively improve the ability of border control and maintain the harmony and stability of the border, Party committees and governments at all levels have increased the construction of border control facilities. With a strong sense of mission and leading photoelectric technology, Shenrong Electronics actively participates in the research and development of photoelectric technology and products for border and coastal defense, and is highly praised by the competent units of border defense at all levels。The photoelectric turntable applied to the China-Myanmar border,It is one of the border and coastal defense products that Shenrong has mastered the core technology independently,The product integrates a variety of patented innovative technologies such as laser night vision, infrared thermal imaging, intelligent analysis and recognition,Through rigorous testing and verification,Provide 24/7 monitoring of border areas in complex border climate conditions,It has all-weather, all-round, long-distance, clear imaging, automatic recognition and tracking functions。Feature highlights include:

1The use of the world's first continuous zoom imaging design, both can be observed in a large range, and can be searched at close range;

2Intelligent heat source analysis can effectively identify camouflage, timely discover hidden personnel at the border, and provide technical support for maintaining border security and social stability;

3Intelligent analysis, identification and tracking forensics, in the case of unattended abnormal personnel and vehicle targets for alarm, tracking and forensics, to provide a basis for border control law enforcement。

Shenrong will take the successful implementation of the China-Myanmar border project as a new starting point, do a solid job in after-sales support service, continue to devote itself to the cause of border and coastal defense, and make due contributions to the peace of the border and the prosperity of the country!