Shenrong infrared thermal imager helps monitor fishing grounds in South America

Date: November 18, 2015 Views:


With the sharp increase in global consumption demand for aquaculture, aquaculture industry has been rapid development, as the main producing area of aquaculture exports in South America, aquaculture can be seen everywhere。Due to the characteristics of high openness, large breeding space and difficult real-time management, the breeding objects and breeding facilities are often damaged by criminals, which affects the healthy development of the breeding industry to a certain extent。

Shenjung Company actively adapt to overseas market demand, successfully put into the installation of a batch of dual-spectrum long-distance infrared thermal imaging system, through wireless communication technology, high-definition video transmission technology, infrared thermal image imaging technology, intelligent follow-up PT-head technology to achieve all-weather24Hour no blind spot monitoring, effectively ensure the safe operation of various fishing farms, won the end user's praise。